Diaper Diaries

It’s about that time again.. time to “up” our little man’s diaper size. How do I know? Well you can refer to the size chart that diaper companies provide or you may also know because you are constantly changing your little one’s clothing after multiple blow outs (3 exactly) in one day. That’s a definite sign that its time to “up” your diaper size. Here is my list so far in tracking how long our little one is in each size (pounds provided by Pampers). NOTE: I noticed that our little man started “exploding” out of his diapers 1-2 pounds sooner than the suggested weight range. For instance a size 2 diaper is listed for 12-18lb however we noticed they were too small for him at about 16lb. That’s been the case with every size so far.


Size N (Our boy: 0-5 weeks)
Up to 10 lb.
222 Avg. diapers per month

Size 1 (Our boy: 5 weeks – 11 weeks)
8-14 lb.
216 Avg. diapers per month

Size 2 (Our boy: 11 weeks – 20 weeks) 
12-18 lb.
216 Avg. diapers per month

Size 3 (Our boy: 20 weeks – 30 weeks ) 
16-28 lb.
177 Avg. diapers per month

Size 4 (Our boy: 30 weeks – ?)
22-37 lb.
162 Avg. diapers per month 

Size 5: 27+ lb.
Size 6: 35+ lb.
Size 7: 41+ lb.

It’s also good to remember how many diapers you went through. Here is our record (yes, I tracked them this long and I’m not really sure why!):

May (birth- 2 weeks): 141 diapers

June (3-6 weeks): 382 diapers

July (7-11 weeks): 378 diapers

August (12-15 weeks): 324 diapers

September (16-19 weeks): 291 diapers



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