4 Hr Feeding Schedule

Our boy is growing up so fast! We’ve been on a 4 hour feeding schedule the last 3 weeks (22-25 weeks) and we are about to add solids tomorrow (I still can’t believe it!) As soon as I get used to one schedule its time to change it again. He’s such a growing boy.. I can’t wait for this first reaction to solids though.. should be pretty fun 🙂

So here is the 4 hr feeding schedule we did to bridge the transition and get ready for solids..

4 Hour Schedule (22-25 weeks)

  • 7:00 Wake him up and Eat – nurse about 12 minutes
    • usually a cat nap in the car on the way to work for about 20 minutes
    • 9:30- down for a nap, on his back, in a sleep sack with his paci
  • 11:00 Eat – 8 oz bottle*
    • 1:00 – he is usually ready for a nap earlier at this point (less wake time)
    • On his back, in a sleep sack with his paci – even at daycare
  • 3:00 Eat – 8 oz bottle
    • 4:45-5:15 – occasional nap in the car on the way home
    • 5:45 down for a nap regardless if he napped earlier in the car or not
  • 6:45 Bath, Bottle, Bed – usually another 8 oz bottle

Couple of notes:

  • We only send 8 oz bottles to daycare but he can usually eat more at that 11am feeding. At home I usually give him 9 oz. Recommended oz at his age is 32 oz (8oz 4x a day so that’s why I don’t send 9 oz every day- just a little too much milk).
  • Goal is 2 hours of wake time followed by 2 hours of nap time. Doesn’t always happen- especially driving to and from working and other things that happen during the day but its a good goal.
  • At 5.5 months (around 24 weeks) our little man started rolling over on his tummy and is sometimes choosing to sleep that way instead. However his favorite position is still on his back with his hands behind his head! hilarious!



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